Loud screeching noise on rear right side



After driving my Passat wagon for about 20 minutes, I hear a loud screeching sound (like metal on metal) from the rear right of the car. I brought it in to repair shop but they couldn’t replicate sound on the lift. They said brakes needed to be replaced in 10,000 miles, but fine for now. I feel nervous driving it, but they said it is safe. Any advice?


If rear disc brakes it could be from the brake pad wear indicator rubbing on th rotor.

Not smart to let that continue unless you don’t mind replacing the rotor too.
(Most of todays rotors are thin by design and often can not be machined)

If not, the noise may be from a small stone stuck between the brake lining and the drum OR the noise may be from a worn wheel bearing. (That, you don’t want to ignore either)