Brake noise

09 Fusion w/33k. When applying moderate pressure to the brakes they make a squeak which seems to correspond with wheel rotation. It almost sounds like when someone over tightens a lug nut.

The pads and rotors were replaced at 400 miles due to some sort of defect, the front rotors were turned at 12k. The car seems to brake fine, no shaking in the pedal or steering wheel.

Who is doing your brake work? Why were the rotors turned at 400 miles?

The dealer has done all the work under warranty. The rotors and pads were replaced at 400 miles. The brakes sounded like they were grinding horribly, they resurfaced all four rotors and the issue persisted. They then put on four new rotors and replaced the pads, that fixed it. The front rotors were cut at 12k due to a slight pulse felt through the steering wheel.

Right now the dealer needs to replace the front brake calipers, rotors and pads. They should have replaced the entire front brake system the last time. They took a chance and only replaced the cheap parts. Now they need to replace every part, definitely including both calipers. Make sure ALL of your front brake parts are replaced new now. New rotors, new calipers and new pads. If the dealer refuses, make every complaint and bad review available to you. Maybe file suit if you have kept good records, in small claims.

Just curious, but do you have paperwork on all of this stating the complaint and what was done to fix it; both as to labor involved and the parts used?

They’ve covered all of this under warranty since the 400 miles mark and there still may be a problem at 33k?

I’ve got all the paperwork, however the issue occurring now is different and only recently began happening. I believe the warranty on the brakes was only until 12k. Also, they’ve been fine (up until now) since they were last worked on 21k ago. I have no idea if the problem is related to anything in the past, but I’ll certainly bring it up. Even if it is related I’m sure they won’t own it and I can’t prove it if was.

Anyway, I’m bringing it in tomorrow. Any idea of was the squeak could be?