08 Scion XB - horrible squealing rear wheel

I have a horrendous squealing noise coming from one of my rear wheels. Sounds bad at low speeds, changes frequency to higher pitch when going faster. The sound isn’t constant (some times nothing), other times loud as hell. Sometimes gets worse when turning, then nothing when straightened out. When breaking, sometimes the sound gets worse, then goes away. It doesn’t sound like a bad wheel bearing (had one go before- more of a growly noise). This sound is too high pitched. Also, checked the brake pads (plenty of life left), and rotors are good too. I am running out of ideas here? Any similar experiences or ideas?

Bearing or brakes, not much else that could make that noise. I’m guessing bearing, it could be failing in a different way than last time.

Have you removed the pads to see if one has and dirt/gravel/debris stuck in it?

I’m going to guess the wear indicators. They can gate bent and rub when they shouldn’t.

And don’t forget, this vehicle uses little drum brakes cast into the center of the disc with little brake shoes for parking brakes. You may want to check the parking brakes out too. Check the adjustment, and if you don’t make a meaningful discovery there, pull the disc and check out the shoes themselves.

Problem solved. Wear indicators for the win! The geniuses that did my last brake job didn’t properly install one of the pads. It wore unevenly (so it looked like there was still plenty of pad left before i took everything apart). Wear indicator was jutting out causing the scraping and grinding. All it took was for me to take the damn brakes apart and the problem was apparent. New brake pads (seated correctly this time) and no scraping noise. Glad it wasn’t wheel bearings!

Yeah, I won one!!
Sincere thanks for the follow up post. We rarely hear the results of our efforts, and it truly is appreciated.

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Did you check to see if the calipers float easily. You may have a bushing (caliper pin) that is binding.