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Camry 2003 replacement key

My son lost the second key to the car - i have one more left but not a fob. The dealer says it’s gonna be about $200.00 to replace & activate the key - is that legit??

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If it’s a key with an electronic secrity code in it, it will be quite expensive, although I think it shouldn’t be more than $150. that’s what my Toyota dealer charged.

That sounds about typical for a dealer key replacement in newer cars with chips in the key. Not that I think it’s a fair price, but it is about what they all charge. You can check with a locksmith. Good ones will be able to do this and may charge less. Call around.

I found a locksmith that made a key & activated it for $50.00. The activation was just a matter of following a sequence of stepping on the brake, gas pedal & following a set of directions (similiar to the hocke-pokey). And yes … i had two keys made!!

I’m guessing it wasn’t a laser-cut key…

You may want to look at They are selling transponder chip keys for the 2003 Camry for $29.99 each.

I bought two Ford Taurus transponder keys from them for $24/each. They include the programming instructions with the keys (which is also in your owner’s manual). I took the keys to a local hardware to get them cut, then programmed them and they work fine. You do need at least one good working transponder key with the Camry. (With the Taurus, I needed two working keys to be able to program a new key.)

If you don’t want to buy the keys online, I agree that a local locksmith will get your a replacement key for far less than the dealer will charge you.

The programming that owners can do usually requires two functioning keys.