Replacing Camry XLE 2000 key



They say I need to spend $1800 to replace key. I have one key left but it doesn’t start the car. Is this possible. Is there no other way. I don’t HAVE $1800 but i have a job I need to get to earn a living. Please if anyone can help or suggest something. This is from the year 2000. I didn’t think they made cars that “fancy” back then.


Let me guess you went to the dealer… We really need more information to answer. Was the key “chipped” (really a transponder)? And the key you “have left” a regular non-chipped key? Then they want to replace the computer too… Yes 2000’s can used chipped keys depending on the model.

Check out these people… if they can fix it without replacing a computer, others can too.


Yes, I went to the dealer. I have one grey key without the clicker stuff on it. The other two, which unfortunately since there are 3 of us sharing the car, got misplaced, hopefully not totally lost. The dealer said it would cost $1800. That’s all I know right now. If you can tell me what I should ask, I will ask. Or should I just go to your recommended site, ocls. Thank you so very, very much. I am in a total fit since I don’t have that kind of money. We are all so careful with our stuff that I’m not sure how this even happened. Thank you!!


The Web site that labgeek referred you to says to call a telephone number. The telephone number is on the truck. It is 1-800-737-5397. When you deal with them, have two masters made. Lock one in a safety deposit box at your bank.


Yes, I certainly will put one in the bank! I never, ever knew it would be so much money to replace a key bec I never knew about the computer link! Talk about what you NEED to know. Someone told me that even though I have to have the keys made that $1800 is way over the line. Do you know what “most” people would charge for this??? Once again, thank you so very much.


don’t know if you’re still looking. I have a Corolla and lost all of my keys. They were going to charge me $400. I found a locksmith who had the computer equipment and they were going to charge me something less than that. But, I ended up going to AAA and paid $100 for three keys.

Yea, some days it just does not pay not to read the owner's manual.   :-)