How Do I Log Out?

Maybe I need new glasses, but I cannot find the logout button. Where is it?

Never mind, I found it. Sorry.


We’re like the Hotel California. You can check out anytime, but you can never leave.


I like that, Old Mopar Guy.

I had trouble figuring that out too. Common sense says you click on the icon w/your own initial, then you’d see a log-out link. But there’s another step.

Thanks for that, George_San_Jose1 . I feel better about it now.

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For non-financial sites like Cartalk, I don’t bother logging out, I just close the tab.
Been doing this for years without apparent problem.
This also means when I open Cartalk, I don’t have to log in. I’m logged in already.


Nothing about operating a computer seems like common sense to me. I have never seen a logout button, but I have never logged out. Is there a reason I would want to?

I am truly an analog guy in a digital age.

I suggest you not buy a Tesla in that case.

That would be slightly below a used Yugo on my list. I would also have no place to charge it.

Not necessary to log out of Car Talk Forums if you are the only person who uses your computer.