Login not working like it used to

In the past when I had to log in, the page it took me to had the boxes across the top for the various places in this community.

“Topic Index Recent Discussions Activity Inbox keith Best Of…”

Now that is no longer there and you have to go through the menu bar.

Mine hasn’t changed, and that’s the page I first open to.

Maybe Carolyn’s mad at you :smiley:


Mac 10.5.8, Safari 5.0.8

Mine started going to a page titled “account information” after I signed in, started a few months ago. Maybe that is what you mean. No worries, just click “community” and you’ll be back here.

@keith, does it bring you to the “account information” page that George mentioned? I get that sometimes. Does it happen every time you navigate to the site?

I’m on a HP and I’m always fighting with it. I’d throw it out the window, but I live on the first floor and the short drop would be no fun at all.

Actually it’s a good computer, it just needs someone professional to clean up the hard drive and get all the crap off it.


Get to the page you want, then bookmark that page and use that to login. That’s what I do.

Mac 10.7.5, Google Chrome

My log in page changed to “Account Information” page a few weeks ago. I just click on “Community” and everything is back to normal. I go with the flow.

I spend most of my time on our older HP PC running Firefox with an AMD 64 processor and have not had any problems at all with CT or log-in in spite of the antiquishness (new word…) of it all.

I too have had my login page changed to “account information.” Clicking the community tab brings me back where I’m supposed to be.

Same thing happened to me, my log in page changed to “Account Information” page a little while ago. I just click on “Community”

Yes, it takes me to account information. I don’t get logged out very often, I guess it happens when there is maintenance done to the web site. I do have a bookmark, but if I log in and then hit the bookmark, it logs me out again. I do hit the community link and eventually get back to where I want.

Its just that the log in does not work like it used to for me.

hit the bookmark, that should ask you for a login. do not login before you hit the bookmark.

I see all of that. But, I don’t think it actually logs me out. What it does, if I end up at a posting without logging in first, then decide I want to post, I hit SIGN IN, and it does. But, if I go to history and click on the page I wanted, IT DOES NOT TRANSFER THE LOG IN STATUS THROUGH A HISTORY PAGE as it used to do.

The only way I can get to a logged in status on a page is to work my way back through the sequence, all the way through the menus. Before, if I opened a new tab and signed in on it, then clicked on the previous tab which was not in logged in status, I could hit RELOAD and it would simply update the tab to logged in status. Now it will not do that. And, yes, it is a nuisance.