Is anyone getting the sign-in bug still?

'cause I’m not since the last update (I bet @cdaquila swore violently reading my title before reading the post, though :wink: )

Has it been fixed?

You scared the bejesus out of me! To which bug do you refer? The logouts when switching between the Recent Discussions/topics and the threads? I haven’t heard much, except from @jtsanders. I get logged out constantly on my phone. But any feedback about functioning (yea or nay) is welcome.

So far I haven’t been logged out at all either on my home Win7 PC (Pale Moon - a Firefox-based browser) or on my work OSX Mac (Firefox). It’s been that way since the day after you posted the last software update announcement. I don’t browse the site on my smartphone because my eyes suck, so I can’t report on that end. Before that fix, I’d be logged out routinely on both machines. I would also sometimes be told that I was logged out, but refreshing the page would show that I was, in fact, still logged in. That is no longer happening either.

It’s ok today. So far, anyway.