Lizards and my car

Lizards live in my garage and I fear that one day, when I am driving, one of them will pop into view inside of my car causing me to wreck the car or have a heart attack. Exterminators have told me that if I get rid of bugs in the garage, the lizards will leave but they have no other advice on keeping the car free of lizards. How can I assure that I will not have a lizard as passenger some day?

Herd of snakes might do it.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for this one other than spraying the garage and the surrounding outdoors and to keep in mind that a lizard is not going to attack you. The odds of one getting in the car are very slim anyway.

OK4450 may have got it right…only try RUBBER snakes. Throw some around the garage floor and see if the lizards disappear.

Post back. I’d like to know the answer to this myself, just as a curiosity.

I use these in my house in rural Puebla, Mexico. They are not as powerful as claimed, they claimed two would protect my 2,850 square feet house, but it took 8.

Still, to have no mice, no rats, no scorpions, and no lizards is a good deal considering where I live and what we had before, and what the neighbors have.

Steren do not mention lizards, but one day I was sitting inside the open door and a lizard, alleged to be a poisonous one, scurried across the floor and a few feet in front of one of these Steren repellers, it suddenly froze.

I looked at it a minute, took off my shoe and walked over and, ahem, walloped it. Normally, those lizards would be gone if I moved an inch.

My builder was there, and he said he had previously found a dead lizard in almost exactly the same location. So, I concluded this device stuns at least that one type of lizard.

I do not mean to push one brand over another, but I do mean to push a high powered one over those weak ones sold in housing stores.

There is a down side, Brenna, even if the thing works. You will need someone who can wallop them, or otherwise dispose of them.

I cannot guarantee this works. I have a sample of two lizards, which is less than perfect science. Still, it is far from horribly expensive to try it, assuming you have electricity in your garage. Do let us know if it works, because my sample size is not large.

I wish the problem I had here was lizards but unfortunately, it is snakes. There’s a large number of rat snakes around here, which is a misnomer IMO because they seem to mostly go after bird eggs and baby birds. More than once I’ve come across one in my basement or attic. The one in the basement was a real heart skipper because I was rooting around in a dark area and met it face to face with about 12" of clearance. Almost 6 feet long too!

Lucky I’m in an outlying area and a small town. This lets me keep the .22 inside the front door all of the time and I usually manage to pop at least 2 or 3 every summer. If they would actually go after the rodents they’re named after I’d let them go but they pretty much stay in the trees here. Whenever the blue jays start squawking and it goes on for 5 or 10 minutes I know there’s a snake prowling through the upper branches and I can generally spot them because the jays are encircling it.

My wife went to do the dishes late one night, flipped on the light, and started yanking me out of bed while screaming about the small one on the kitchen counter. She also screamed pretty loud when she went to do laundry and found a 4 footer coiled up by the clothes hamper.

Guess the next thing I need to do is price a mongoose or honey badger. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand the problem. I’d much rather have lizards in my car than almost anything else that might be likely to get in there. Bear in mind that around here “anything else” translates to rats and scorpions. And the exterminators are right; the lizards eat the bugs that you’d otherwise have to deal with. (How’d you like to be executing a complex traffic maneuver and have a cicada decide to start buzzing right in your lap?)

If you want the natural solution, get something that eats lizards. I’m just not sure where you go about buying an eagle these days.

Thanks, irlandes, I will investigate that.

I failed to mention that snakes give me the heebie-geebies as well and the mere idea of touching a rubber snake has already elevated my blood pressure. Don’t think catching sight of a fake snake in my peripheral vision while entering the garage would do much for my health either. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Would like to hear more from anyone about the odds are slim that a lizard would get in the car. Would they only be interested if there were bugs in my car? Are cars built such that a lizard would have a hard time finding a space to get in?

Hee, hee. Good one!

I Googled and best as I can tell ultrasonics very explicitly do NOT affect snakes.

You’re going to have even bigger problems if you put a honey badger in your garage.
You’re not going to be able to get in your car ever again, that’s for sure.