Rodents wrecking my car

What can I do to stop rodents from chewing the ignition wires, and disconnecting hoses, etc. in my car. I must park it outside as I have 2 cars but only a 1 car garage. There are nuts and small droppings in the engine. It’s costing me a fortune for repeated repairs. I’d really appreciate your help. Thank you.

Sprinkle the wires with hot sauce and set out traps for the mice

Is it safe to put hot sauce on the wires? I will try traps under the car until I hear back about the hot sauce. Thanks.

To be honest, I don’t know but if it were my car I would do it once to try it. Hope you get rid of the vermin.

Here in Mexico there are not only problems with mice and rats, but also with scorpions.

Solution: ultra sound insect repellers… I have five in our 2850 square feet house. Absolutely no more mice/rats. Scorpions, instead of one a week, we see maybe one every three months.

I am not sure the repellers would tolerate driving temperatures. One might have to raise the hood, slide in the repeller when you park, then take it out again when you drive.

NO, that’s wrong. We did have one mouse after putting in the ultrasounds. It was dead in some blocks, as if it ran in there to try to hide from the sound.

Also, our builder found dead poisonous lizards about three feet from the ultrasounds. I saw one run towards it, and about three feet away it froze solid. I walked over and smashed it with a shoe. It never moved.

I just had a thought, not sure if it would work. If you can park that car in exactly the same place, maybe you could jimmy up a small water proof mount for an ultrasound, so you could leave it in the same place, right under the car, like a small ‘doll house’, so you don’t need to plug and unplug? Just pull over, and back out when you want to go. Ultrasounds, even the powerful ones we buy at Aurrera, only take like 3 watts. We leave them on 24/7/365 even when we are not here. But ours are indoors.