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Gecko in Car

To Lea,

Give up all hope of ever getting rid of a gecko! But one thing, geckos are meat eaters so they would NEVER be caught dead on asparagus. That would be a skink. They live outside and are vegetarians.

Here in Hawaii geckos are considered “good luck”. They lay their eggs in all sorts of out of the way places like electrical junction boxes and we find their dead skeletons in all sorts of out of the way places.

If there is a gecko in your car, the chances are 100% that it is female and is looking for someplace to lay her eggs. She may have just been caught out in the open. They love to eat flying insects and poop a lot. Gecko poop will eat through anything. They are also known for the mocking croaking chirp they make. It is like the laugh the tappet brothers make on their show.

As I say, If you have a gecko in your car, give up all hope of ever getting rid of it.

This is a gecko, note the round bulbs on the end of the toes. They allow them to cling upside down on glass!




Lizards lay eggs, and eggs have to be fertilized. Unless there’s a pair of lizards in the car, there shouldn’t be a problem.
Also, I think it’s more likely that it’s an anole, called the “New World chameleon,” which is common in the South. Generally they’re light green, but they can turn to a grayish brown.
Either way, not much to worry about. Leave the car windows open and it should leave on its own.

All you say is true, but I don’t think there is a year long courtship requirement for “Lizards”.
Gecko and skinks are not native to Hawaii! But they are invasive species introduced by people and once introduced, tend to thrive in their new home. I suspect Jackson MS is warm and humid enough to become a prime vacation spot for geckos. But geckos can be like “the man who came to dinner”.
Though some people “live” in their cars, most just use it to get around in. I don’t think Lea’s guest is in her car for that purpose. If it is a gecko, it’s not lost, it found its way into the car and is there for a reason. And it is not there to sell insurance.

I think he was just trying to sell car insurance to her!(Geico) Maybe he’ll leave if he makes a sale! :wink:

Lea, leave your window open a crack, it’s all you can do. Hopefully it will run back out when it discovers there is no food or water for it in the car.

Or this could be like Mary Kay Cosmetics, she’s got a thriving business recruiting other geckos in the neighborhood to set up shop in the other cars in the neighborhood…


They’re SO-O-O CUTE!!!

(and they lay eggs)

Can’t you see it now? All the lady geckos in Lea’s neighborhood getting together every afternoon for tea and jam and an occasional worm sandwich? Look at the video again…