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Lights stuck ON? How can that be?

A friend just had a white knuckle ride across the Sierra Nevada headed to Lake Tahoe, encountered wind, snow, fog, all at once. She reports that her yellow and red marker lights are stuck on now, and I can’t guess why. Battery is now disconnected temporarily, they’ll puzzle on it tomorrow. Any idea on what could do that? My only guess is snow or ice getting thrown under the hood and into the electrical box, shorting the circuit for those lights. Maybe that would cure itself just by melting and then drying? I think her Subie is a 2006 or so.


There’s a rocker switch on top of the steering column. Make sure that it is turned off, otherwise the parking lights will stay on. It is easy to sometimes hit it unintentionally.

Great, thanks for the quick response.

@jdmere is correct, and this problem used to occur somewhat frequently to new Subaru owners who hadn’t bothered to read their Owner’s Manual. It would be a good idea for your friend to read that manual now, just in case their are other situations about which she is not aware.

Subaru eliminated this…odd…light control switch quite a few years ago, to the delight of many owners.

Thanks @VDCdriver. Friend reports she figured it out early this morning when perusing the manual.

The term marker lights makes me think of trucks, I have never heard it used for parking lights.

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