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1999 Subaru Outback Limited

Whenever I turn my car off, my turn signals in both the front and back stay illuminated, but not blinking. I’ve tried turning the lights on and off while the car is both on and off, as well as in park, neutral, and drive. Anyone have any idea why this would happen? Thanks

There is a “parking light switch” on some Subaru models. It’s located on the steering column and a lot of Subaru owners don’t even know it’s there. Check your owners manual for it’s operation (the parking lights stay on regardless if the vehicle is on or off) or just look for the switch on the steering column. This may be your problem.

To be more specific, please read the following thread that was posted yesterday:

I have a feeling that the advice I gave to that other person is also applicable to you.
That advice includes reading the Owner’s Manual.

If that other thread does not seem to apply to your situation, then please feel free to post back with more details.