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Subaru parking lights

My parking lights now stay on when I turn the switch and key off. How do I change out the switch on the turn signal handle? Or is there something more going on?

Model and year could help. Am I guessing right that the parking lights use to go off when you switched the key off on this same car?

Hmmm…Just one more instance of failure to read the Owner’s Manual!
By not reading the manual, you were about to embark on a needless repair that would still not rectify the situation.

You can remedy the sitation by noting the following information:
On top of the plastic surround of the steering column (just below the speedometer and tachometer) is a switch bearing a capital “P” with little lines–like light beams–emanating from it. This switch, when activated, causes the parking lights to stay on when the ignition and the regular light switch are both turned to the off position.

The purpose is for some drivers in some European countries, who apparently need to activate the parking lights when the car is parked on narrow streets. Apparently, someone who drove the car activated the switch inadvertently, perhaps when resetting the trip odometer, or while cleaning the interior of the car.

Anyway, just by moving the switch to the off position, you can return your lights to their normal state. And, after you have done that, do yourself a favor and read the Owner’s Manual. You never know what other vital information–such as the need to replace all 4 tires in some instances of one flat tire–you might not be aware of.

I really like Subarus, but they do have some quirky differences that make it vital to read the Owner’s Manual. Reading the manual is important on all makes of vehicles, but on a Subaru, it is even more important than for most other makes. And, as you have now found out, not reading the manual would have led you to perform an unnecessary–and fruitless–repair.

P.S. If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, get one! The cost is well worth avoiding situations far more serious than this one.

As VDCdriver said, there is no repair involved. Just turn off the parking light rocker switch, which you didn’t even know was there. By the way, you’re not the only one who ever asked this question.

If you need an owner’s manual, try, which is a great source for used and inexpensive manuals and other useful publications.

The switch is often refered to as “the virgin switch” by fellow Soob owners, for obvious reasons. It got another one.