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Possessed Subaru

My mother’s 2002 Subaru Forester’s headlights and dashboard lights come on by themselves. No key; lights in off position. Thought problem was fixed by Subaru Mechanic…obviously not. What’s going on? Thanks

Normally I would supect the trouble is with the light switch or the wiring to it since the switch makes a ground connection to turn on the lights. There is a problem with that theory though. The headlights are supplied power through seperate relays for each side and the relay coils cannot turn on unless the ignition switch is in the ON position. This means something is wrong with the ignition switch at least, or the wiring to it is being bypassed somehow. The lights have to be activated somehow even if the ignition is on. If the light switch isn’t the trouble there is also a connection to the Daytime Running Light module so it may be a problem.

You’ve got a pretty good here.

Do any other lights come on, such as the tail lights and side marker lights, or is is ONLY the headlights and instrument panel lights? That’s a very strange combination.

There is a switch on the top of the steering column which will work the marker lights without the ignition being on, but it does not illuminate the instrument panel or the headlights.

Are there any particular conditions under which the lights come on?

I’m not sure about the tail lights, I’ll check them tonight-same for marker lights. I’ve only noticed the lights at night (quite shocking to look out the window and see!)-but, in the daytime it wouldn’t be so noticeable. This has happened several times
I checked the switch on the top of the steering column, I turned it on and the marker lights came on; turned it off again.
The mechanic put in part num: 83118fc030; description: combination. He’s a Subaru mechanic & seemed to know what the problem was. He’s a friend of a friend, so he put it in on the side. The part, however, cost $125.00. My mom never did find out exactly what he thought the deal was. We’re calling today.
All ideas are welcome…this thing is just weird!