Light for under the hood


there are plenty of pictures of 4-door Pinto wagons when Google’d


I don’t see any production 4-doors. Here is a Ford Pinto prototype 3 door wagon. Look at the B-pillar on the passenger side, it is in the normal 2-door location.


Yep, never made production. Here’s more discussion about that prototype:


…and Andrew was the lucky person who somehow got possession of that one-off 4 door Pinto wagon prototype!
Talk about luck…


Even if we were to count that tailgate as a door, the total number of doors is still only three.


FORD - Found On Road Dead
FORD - Fix Or Repair Daily

FIAT - Fix It Again Tony


I will look thru my photo album.

I think I have a picture of that Pinto.



So…2 door, right?


Complete with the Charmin Package option!


It looks like you crashed through a toilet paper factory, what happened to the front bumper?


My memory is iffy sometimes, but I think the bumper is damaged because a guy turned left without yielding to me who was coming from the other direction.

I took him to small claims court.

I won the case.

He must have figured he would lose because he had the money in his wallet to pay the judgement.


It was my wedding.


Are you the guy with the moustache?


Yes, it’s me.


Now that it is confirmed you did not have a four door Pinto wagon. I wonder what you saw occasionally that you thought was four door Pinto wagon.


I have seen Pintos.

They were obviously 2 door ones.


After the experience you mentioned in your earlier post, I almost assumed that you did that damage yourself after the thermostat stuck and overheated your engine… :grin:


How would an overheated engine affect a bumper ?


Kicking it when pxxxed off at getting stranded 15 miles from home :slight_smile: