04 Malibu Classic trunk light switch


Can anyoine tell me where the loght switch is? The light doesnt work and i pulled the fuselike bulb and it looks ok, the blue dot is still blue and the filament looks ok, an the fuse is ok too now im trying to find the switch


I don’t know if they still do, but they used to install mercury switches on the under side of the trunk lid to work the trunk light. If you can’t find a push switch anywhere around the perimeter of the trunk opening or near the hinges, look on the under side of the lid.


You could always call or stop by the dealer service department and ask. They’re usually happy to answer. Heck, mine has even printed “exploded view” drawings with BOMs (Bills of Material) as well as TSBs for me.


This question made me curious, so I experimented with my trunk light last night. The light stays on until the latch closes, so the switch must be in the latch. I closed the latch manually, without closing the trunk lid, and the light went off. No matter how far down I pushed the lid with the latch open, the light stayed on. Remove any trim from the inside of the trunk lid and inspect the latch. I’ll bet there are wires connected to it, and the wires lead to the light switch.