Light for under the hood


A family friend had a Pinto wagon with the bubble window. He used it to take his dogs to Golden Gate park

But I think his was a a little earlier, with the round sealed beams


Those bubble windows look really sharp.


Some one is stuck in the 70’s. :grin:


Knarly dude. :slight_smile:


Well, at least Ford never added Opera Windows to the Pinto.


I nominate this thread for the most inane wandering off point award. While we’re at it, could a hatch be a door? What is a door? Gull wing doors hinge up, and so do hatches and trunk lids. And i remember people going in through hatches sometimes.


And, on that topic, can we decide that 3 now equals 4?
If we can, then the OP can…somehow…be correct about owning a 4-door Pinto wagon.


Do you realize just how tough the competition for that award is?


Yes, I do. But here we are, with the thought that we debate that 3 equals 4. I’m ready to jump in on that one.

Besides, after the 83rd answer that your CV joints are failing or that you should clean your battery terminals, this is better.


This forum is made up by a bunch of cool folks that like to learn and who are flexible.

Occasionally wandering off point is a sign of people who are strong and who ignore the occasionally complainer.


I’ve often heard 4 door hatchbacks referred to as 5 door cars.


California says 3 wheel vehicles are the same as 4 wheel vehicles when it comes to licensing requirements. No motorcycle endorsement required for 3’s. So 3 equals 4!

@VDCdriver take note.


I kindly recommend that you see a counselor.


It was a joke man…


My first new car was a 1980 Mercury Bobcat. I paid $4200 for it.