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Light for under the hood

I would like to add a light under my hood to see better.

Can I use a mercury switch, led, and find a 12 volt wire to tap into ?

Any other ways ?

A magnetic flashlight would be better. Fixed lights are never where you need them…i have one that has a bendable shaft with the lamps at one end and the battery pack with magnetic base at the other. No need to wire anything…

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What is the model that you have ?

I have a flexible one that I like a lot, very bright (no magnet, though, that would be helpful)


I also found these.

I hate when they do not list the lumen output.

No more than I have to look under the hood a small led flashlight with magnetic base is fine and I can stick to the side of vehicle if changing a tire. Besides it will never stay on and run the vehicle battery down.

That’s a good point.

Even though switches are pretty reliable, if it failed then I will be buying a new car battery. :frowning:

I hadn’t thought about an under the hood light for years. It used to be an option as part of a light package
A friend of my dad bought a new Chevrolet station wagon in 1948. In those days right after WW II, the factory packed all kinds of options on cars because the manufacturers knew they could sell everything they made and installing all kinds of optional accessories meant more profit. I don’t remember seeing an under the hood light since that 1948 Chevy.

On some vehicles, there is already an unused connector for the underhood light. I’m thinking of low level or mid level trim lines, for example

Several of the vehicles in our fleet have the unused connector, yet no underhood light. It would be fairly easy to just add it. No wiring changes needed

I don’t know what vehicle or trim line you have, but I thought I’d mention it

I have a 2009 CX-7

I could use the light because my car is covered parking and it’s real dark under the popped hood.

400 lumen and magnetic (one photo shows it on the underside of the hood)available from other stores as well.

Thanks and it’s rechargeable.

Will check to see if batteries are replaceable.

After investigating the various lights available, I decided to build one from scratch and custom design to meet my needs.

I enjoying making things. :slight_smile:

It will probably use led strips. (with from 400 - 1000 lumens)

It will use off the shelf NiMh batteries.

It will have a hook and STRONG magnets.

It will be portable so that if I have a flat at night, I can use the light.

Try using a head light. It’s an LED lamp that straps around your head and sits on your forehead. They are sold all over the place; some are junk and some are very, very good. Sporting goods stores and camping or hiking stores should be a good source. Finally you don’t have to try holding a flashlight in your mouth, which really never worked.

Great idea. I will try to find with that is at least 400 lumens.

And it’s probably cheaper that the others.

I got 2 of these Portable worklight from Harbor Freight free (free coupons over the years; I pass by 1 about monthly). I’ve never used the 2nd one as I haven’t broken the first 1 yet. There’s a free-with-purchase coupon now. I’d rather not risk running down my car’s battery too.

I found this.

Sounds like a winner at $10.

I doubt the 30,000 lumen claim. :slight_smile:

But it should be plenty bright.

I have a Cree 1000 lumen flashlight for my apt. that is very bright.

Li-ion UltraFire 18650 batteries can hold a large charge for a long time.

they already make those…look at Harbor Freight Tools. They have many that might fit your needs in the $20-30 range.

Thanks a lot.