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2010 Sierra repaired, question about part possibly missing

A tornado recently knocked a tree onto my 2010 Sierra 5.3L, 2wd truck. The truck has been repaired and looks and drives great. I l looked under the hood yesterday and did not see a light. I don’t remember for certain but I thought there was a light under the hood. Can anyone answer for sure before I call the repair shop to question this? I picked up the truck last Wednesday, less than a week ago.

I always keep the original window sticker when I buy a car, which normally lists all of the equipment, both standard and optional. Did you save the window sticker?

If you did, it should be an easy task to find out if it was originally equipped with an under-hood light.

It may not have an under hood light. Are there any brackets or wiring attached to the underside of the hood?

Neither my 2010 Cobalt or my wife’s 06 Sienna have under hood lights. My 1993 Caprice and 2000 Blazer both have under hood lights.

I will look for the original window sticker when I get home. I didn’t think of that. The hood was replaced because the tree did the most damage to it. The new hood has a bracket that looks like it is for a light and it made me wonder if the original hood had a light. For the first time in my life I have been taking this vehicle to the shop for regular maintenance instead of doing it myself. That’s probably why I can’t remember if there was a light before the repairs.

If it had a light there should be a wire hanging on the firewall with a light socket and bulb in it.

I checked the wiring diagrams on ALLDATA and it doesn’t list or show a light in the engine compartment.

Call the parts department at your dealer and ask for the part number of the bulb or the socket. If they can’t find it on their parts diagram, then you didn’t have one.

Thanks for your help guys. I see at least three good ideas that should answer the question. Guess a hood was installed that had a bracket that may have been needed for a model with other options.

The pigtail that powers an under hood light if often included in wiring harnesses even when there is no under hood light, Similarly, the harness often includes pigtails for optional ABS, sound systems, cruise control, etc., when those options are not installed.

Having said all of the above good ideas and suggestion, if the connection is there, and you have a place to mount it (and the desire), you can just install one from a yard. They’re gravity operated devices, so there’s no special switches or anything. Maybe a fuse, but I doubt it.