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Lexus GPS outage? How widespread?

Yesterday Lexus dealer told her large GPS outage.
Woman says her CD player does not operate, no radio, no cell phone through vehicle speakers.
Why would those also be affected?
Thank you.

The dealer’s full of it. There were no GPS outages in the continental United States.

“The dealer’s full of it.”

Most of them are. The only “outage” was in the woman’s vehicle which the dealer tried to explain away with a fairy tale.

She suspected her new RX350 .
Dealer said many were calling in with the same problem. Not her vehicle’s problem they said.
I’ll call Lexus when they open. There was an outage for Lexus yesterday. When the car was on the system for the car radio/gps was stuck on a reboot loop. Was that the problem she faced?

Sorry not an outage but a system glitch.

She said the screen was blank when she got into her car after work 2 p.m. Mountain Time.
OK in the morning driving to work.
Still no GPS, radio, CD, cell phone through vehicle, Wednesday morning.

Good hit, bag445, that is probably the problem. Not the dealer’s fault this time. Customer may have misunderstood the dealer, or perhaps the dealer simplified the verbiage to avoid confusion.

@“Robert Gift” From the article i posted it looks like a botched update to the navi/sound system is the cause of the problem. A user on youtube posted a video of the same problem you were explaining with his/her Rx350.

Thank you, bag445
Lexus dealer girl answering the telephone told her “System outage”.
If I wind up driving in her area, I will go disconnect her battery.
Otherwise I suspect dealers will be bombed with Lexæ owners coming in for reset.

alright :smile: if i find anymore updates I will post it here for you

And @“Robert Gift” no problem :smile:

@“Robert Gift” Here is an update from the Lexus Twitter page.

I had a boss once that told me to speak English when I used big words like consumable inventory. I wish someone would tell some of these computer guys to do the same thing. Head Unit, errant data broadcast? I keep thinking of that 72 year old happy Lexus driver calling her 13 year old nephew to get an interpretation of why her screen is blank. Its not just Lexus. We had an Acura work shop this week where they went into the same kind of verbage talking about the Navi system. Takes me back to the old CPM days. Maybe there’ll be a foreign language class to speak computereze instead of Spanish or German as cars become more like computers on wheels. Self-driving indeed. When I was trying to get a quick re-route to the Acura dealer, Dorothy in the Navi system wanted to route me to California-and I was in Minnesota.

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Unfortunately only SOME newspapers are written at an 11th grade level. Manchester NH Union Leader is much closer to 3rd grade. I had it delivered for one year. Couldn’t take it anymore… It was so poorly written.

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I would go for the free reset at the dealership. Local auto parts franchise always uses memory savers after a honda’s brains had to get replaced for a couple grand when installing a new battery.

Back from 483 miles in bloodeliveries.
She said her airconditioner also would not operate!

Can a fuse or fuses be removed for 10 minutes instead of removing battery cable?
Was told Lexus Service Supervisior said to remove BOTH battery cables!
Lexus Dealership reported the line of Lexæ outside was around the corner.