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2011 Lexus RX 400h - Audio, Nav and Phone Goofing Up

2011 Lexus RX 450h - Problem with audio, navigation and car phone

There is a firmware update available to correct some of the problems with those systems.

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Please send/call me specifics concerning the firmware mentioned in your email.

I am presently paying a service technician by the day trying to figure out what’s wrong with audio, etc systems in 2011- Lexus.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

You really don’t want your name and phone number out there for all to see. Maybe @cdaquila can fix that.

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Your dealer should be able to find the firmware update. And remove your name and number.

The technician would perform the firmware update first if it had anything to do with the problem you are experiencing. You first message did not indicate that you had taken the vehicle in for repair or what sort of problem you are having.