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Let$uck 2016 RX350 requires subscription to remote start

Yes. Poor Let$uck needs every ¢enthey can get from rich people.

Am told thathe 2021 RX350 has Remote Start.
(Or is it free for the first year?)

But that’s the opposite of how it actually works, as I said above. Luxury buyers often pay more for add ons than mainstream buyers, with cars and elsewhere.

No, it’s not. He said he couldn’t imagine buying a car that you have to pay an annual fee to use. The car is perfectly usable without a subscription.

As for whether or not it’s OK to lock installed luxury features on a luxury car behind a subscription paywall, you and I are entirely in agreement - no, it’s not. It’s total BS.

And that’s why part of my downward negotiation when I got my Lexus was an extra $500 off the car because that’s how much it would cost me to install a remote start that does not require a subscription.


These is an issue getting lost in the discussion here…

@shadowfax pointed out the 3G/4G problem to remote start beyond the FOBs range. Remote start from a distance means your car needs its own cell phone subscription for the built-in device that wirelessly connects it to the internet so your smartphone can remote start it.

The subscription fee pays for your car’s cell phone. Why should that be free for the 20 year life of the car OR the 6-8 year life of the cell format?

The same system is used for OnStar and similar services plus the web-connected cars being sold. There is no free lunch here. If you want it, you are going to have to pay for it on an ongoing basis.

Not entirely unlike satellite radio… one of my cars has Sirius built in. If I want to use it, I need a subscription. I don’t want it so it doesn’t work… but it is still there.

I agree for cell-based services. But it’s not necessary to make remote starting a cell-based service. With the Lexus system, even the keyfob will not start the car unless you have a subscription. If you’re trying to start the car with the keyfob, you absolutely do not need the range that a cellular system imparts, and the car itself is receiving the start command, but then polling the central server to see if you’ve paid for the privilege. That’s what I’m not OK with. I’d be fine if it were a remote starter that could be started via a cell/satellite signal if you wanted to pay for the subscription, but which otherwise worked off of the keyfob like a normal starter.

Incidentally that’s how the good aftermarkets do it. The Compustar remote start systems, first, have a much longer range transmitter - some of their systems can connect directly to the car from as far as 3 miles away. And if for some reason you need longer range or just want to start the car with your phone, you can subscribe to a (much cheaper) plan which lets you use the LTE modem. But that’s absolutely not necessary for normal functionality.

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I would not pay for the ability to start the vehicle remotely unless I could also disable the car remotely in case of theft or carjacking.
For safety the shut-down shouldn’t occur until the car comes to a stop.

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People buy luxury vehicles to drive them not play with the remote, in my opinion.

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When Let$uck says their RX350 has key fob Remote Start, they should say it operates only one year, then you must pay for theiRemote $tart everyear thereafter.

I oppose use of air-polluting, fuel-wasting Remote Start just because one is a wimp avoiding a few minutes of cold.
But in my case themergencyehicle will be attaining high speedsoon after engine start.
At 0300 I would remote starthengine, then use the bathroom, get into the uniform, make my way to the garage and put on boots while it slightly warming.

Did you assume that the vehicle was equipped with remote start or did you read this some where? The owners manual does not give an indication that this vehicle comes with remote start.

The Let$uck saleman said it had Remote Start. (Had not even seen the owner’s manual athatime.)
He was right!
It did have it - athatime. A plastic tag still on the key fob instructs how to operate Remote Start.
After trying for the firstime years later, nothing.

And there is the problem. You believed a car salesman. And probably a used car salesman at that. So who’s fault is that.

So you’re opposed to it and really don’t want it on your (or any)vehicle anyways?

B.S. just plain B.S. If you are so concerned about the engine (or vehicle for that matter) you’d purchase something that was made to endure the abuse you bestow upon it, NOT a luxury SUV.


Owners Manual?
We don need no stinkin’ owners manual.

Wife wanted the RX350.
When my beloved Expedition hit too many miles, she bought another vehicle and her RX350 wento me.

When especially cold, Remote Start would get fluids circulating to lessen abuse.
I wouldo that with anyehicle.
(A floodlight is pointing up athe oil pan. A cheap Goodwill bed sheet covering the hood drapes down over the grill to help retaiheat.)

But if it already supposedly has it, in very cold nights I would use it.
The key fobs come with a plastic Remote Start instruction tag attached.