Lost remote key for Lexus

I have a 2002 Lexus RX 300. I have two keys, one that is just the key which is kept at home for emergencies, and the one I use which has the chip to lock/unlock the doors and the alarm. The key case broke, and the chip fell out and was lost. The key itself will not start the vehicle. Fortunately, I have an automatic starter. Now, to start my car I have to hit the auto start, and then I can put the key in and drive. I’m told by the Lexus dealer that it will cost $300 for a new key with chip. Also if the computer was ever changed it will be $1200 for a new computer. I read the posts about the Saab with a missing key. Would the Lexus be treated the same way, or do I have to continue to start my car in this manner. I’m sure I could use my emergency key, but I would like to have an extra key. Any thoughts?

I feel your pain. The flexable cover on my key wore through and the button to lock it remotely fell out. I too have one of the insanely expensive keys and don’t want to pay the money to replace it. But I haven’t found a way around it. Sorry.

It really is a shame that such a well respected (and expensive) car manufacturer would make such seemingly cheap key remotes when they are so important. To my knowledge, replacing the key would be the only way to solve the problem. I think you are at their mercy on this one.

If you have a Lexus or Toyota 3 button remote that is cracked, the remote module can be plopped into an aftermarket blade/holder, the blade cut to fit, and you are on your way.

IF you lost ALL the keys, and the module from the cracked key with the 3 buttons and the chip, you will need to have the existing computer reprogrammed. No need to buy a new computer.

Sounds like you just need to go to a locksmith such as myself, and get either a remote or nonremote head key.

As long as you have a working master… be it a remote or nonremote key… no problem.

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Jeff, I want to thank you for joining us with your expertise. Folks that offer their expertise to those who clearly cannot go to their shop are, IMHO, decent folks. And keys costing hundreds of dollars to replace are the norm in new cars.