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Let$uck 2016 RX350 requires subscription to remote start

Oh-dark-thirty (3:30 a.m.) and super cold, a hospital calls for emergentransport of blood platelets.
While getting dressed I followed the key fob instruction tag to starthengine.
Dealer stated the vehicle has remote start.
Now Letsuck IT says one must subscribe to some program for remote start.
After $pending a fortune for the vehicle, is there a way to get around that?

Thank you

Addendum: Lexus IT said the subscription is needed to use the key fob remote start feature.
Fob tag instructs: Quickly Press ( LOCK ) TWICE … THEN Press & HOLD ( LOCK ) 3 seconds.

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0-dark-thirty is 6:30 AM today. The term refers to 30 minutes before dawn. If you lived in the Atlantic time zone, you would be correct. If you don’t like the car, sell it.


What does your owners manual say ?

I have NEVER driven a car which requires any sort of “subscription service”, cellphone app, or is designed to communicate with any remote server. And I would NEVER buy, own, or accept as a gift such a vehicle. I believe these kind of “features” grossly infringe the driver’s right to privacy and security.

When I used to live in snow country, our “remote start” was an extra key that we would use to start the engine, and then we would lock the door again while it warmed up. This was doable on a car with hand crank windows and non-powered locks, but I guess on today’s vehicles even that won’t work.


I do that, second key, no problem. But in my case it is done on the very rare case where I have to leave my dog in the car with the AC on.

I’m assuming this is a service to start you vehicle with your cell-phone…then yes you need to buy a service. It should be spelled out in your owners manual.

In case you missed my post 2017 acadia limited, called my regular mechanic for a battery replacement, as I need a jump. Remote start got to buy the battery from the dealer, and it has to be programmed for remote start to work. No secondary system needed. Perhaps yu need the right technician. Remote start working good after dealer service

You need the have a Lexus Enform subscription;

LEXUS Enform Remote
: If equipped
Lexus Enform Remote is a cellular phone application that lets you view and
remotely control certain aspects of your vehicle.
For details about the functions and services of this application, refer to
Function of the Lexus Enform Remote is achieved by using an embedded cellular
device in the vehicle (DCM: Data Communication Module).

The Lexus Enform Remote service lets you lock and unlock doors, start the engine and climate control, check the fuel level and more all through the Lexus app on your smartphone, smartwatch or devices enabled with Hey Google or Amazon Alexa.

If you have an Enform subscription ($80/year) you can also use the smart key for remote engine starting.

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I was taught that ‘oh-dark thirty’ was whenever a Drill Instructor slammed a trash can lid on the floor yelling "on your feet, &*&^^%$#s. And I can’t imagine anyone contradicting one of them.


Thank you.
Yes, Lexus IT said the subscription is needed to use the key fob remote start feature.
Tag instructs: Quickly Press (LOCK) TWICE … THEN Press & HOLD (LOCK) 3 seconds.

After the 1st year of trial service they disable the ability to remote start with the fob, unless you pay the $80/yr subscription.

I’ve long felt that “remote start” of a car was a solution in search of a problem…


A friend in the Navy told me what the definition of 0-dark-thirty was. Your definition certainly makes sense too.

As a Registered Tree-hugger and Greenie, I oppose wimps remote-starting their engines - wasting fuel and polluting the air - just because theyvish to avoid a few minutes of less comfort.
But in my case, the vehicle will be attaining highway speeds minutes after starting. So I wanted to do it for thengine.
Wilhave to stick to floodlights under thengine and thick bed sheet over the hoodrapedown in front of the grill.

Tree hugger here, our remote start runs the engine for 10 minutes, we put on 8000 miles a year, I cannot believe 10 minutes at idle is a major contributor to pollution, pick on someone else. Could easily spend 10 minutes waiting at stoplights as I have 15 stoplights to get to the golf course. Even if it was 1/2 gallon per hour you are talking 6.4 oz of gas. But you drive how many miles for a blood delivery, sure it is necessary, but if you got a car that got 1 mpg better you could save more gas on one trip going 80 mph than we use with remote start in a year . You tell my wife to skip remote start, heated seat and heated steering wheel to save gas and you will be lucky to walk away :wink:

We cannot avoid waiting at stop lights and in traffic, etc.
But we can prevent burning fuel to warm or cool a vehicle just for temporary less comfort.

(As a tree-hugger in good standing, or good stand of trees, beforeturning from distant hospitals I unscrewed four wing nuts to remove the light bar and stow it in back to lessen windrag. That saved more fuel than consumed ineedless use of the remote start!)
The present LED light bar cannot be removed withoutools. (Buthelectricity-saving LEDsave much fuel over the previous incandescent lamp light bar!)

For cold, gloves, hats and warm coats. Foheat we open the windows until above 20 mph.

Thusaithe Greenie.

As usual (with almost all of your workarounds that supposedly won’t work with “modern” cars), that actually works with “modern” cars that have automatic windows and powered locks too

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I guess I am the only one who thinks R. G. using his not so funny term for Lexus is out of order . If it does not violate some Forum rule it should.


No humor allowed?
When one $pends a fortune for this vehicle, onexpects noto have to $ubscribe to a service to use the “smart” keysupplied withe vehicle to do Remote Start which the dealer said the vehicle has.

Onexpects the GPS navigation to find the best routes, not divert miles out of the way encountering more traffic signals when a straight direct route is best.

You’ve got it backwards. Luxury items often have tacked on charges. WiFi is free at Motel 6, was an added charge at the Ritz.