Left turn blinker not working

Left blinker goes fast so I know a bulb is burnt out. Check on lights, back light is fine, front one is burnt. Replaced burnt one, still same problem, no front left blinker.


The trouble may be due to dirty contacts in the socket so cleaning them may help. It also is good to have a test light probe on hand so you can check where power is getting to. If you don’t have one you should consider getting one. Some are less than 10 dollars.

You also may have gotten a new bulb that was defective. I had to replace the front turning signal bulb in my Chevrolet Uplander. The new bulb lasted less than a day. I’ve also had defective bulbs that didn’t even work initially.

Are you sure you got the right bulb? If you replace a double contact bulb with a single contact bulb it will do this.

The emergency flashers use the same bulbs, are they working?

ha ha rip this one right out the car talk files of stupidity…
I was replacing the wrong bulb. I thought the turn signal was up next to the headlight, this is just the parking light. That bulb was burnt anyways so it needed replacing.
The real culprit was the turn signal which is along bottom of front fender…well dont I feel just silly!!!

You may feel silly, but it takes someone special to come back and publicly admit it. We all do those things.