My front passenger turning signal went out. I noticed because my left side blinker was blinking fast. I replace the light bulb and everything works except my blinker is still blinking fast when i make left turn.

I disconnected the battery over night and check all the light bulbs but the problem persists.

You Say Your Right (Passenger’s Side) Front Turn Signal Went Out. Your Left Side (Driver’s Side) Blinker Was Blinking Fast, So You Replaced The Right Side (Passenger’s Side) Bulb ?

Do I have this correct ?

How do you notice the right side is out because the left side blinks fast ? That doesn’t make sense.

If the left ( Driver’s side ) signal is blinking fast, I’d suspect a burned out bulb, either the front or rear on that same left, Driver’s side. Go see which one doesn’t light when the blinker is on, front or rear. Replace the one that’s out.