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Turn signal problem in 93 taurus

Thanks for all the great advice in the past, but a new problem reared its ugly head. my left blinker started blinking fast and in the past cars i had it meant that a bulb was burned out. sure enough the left rear was out, well easy enough i just took the bulb out and put a new one in and works light a bulb should. well today i went to turn left and put the blinker on and low and behold… out again, but this time the bulb was not burnt looking, no wires exposed or crimped and remember it worked for days… what should i look for now?

Harley Charlie, Same Thing, Blinking Fast, Or “Out” Out?

front blinks fast, back nothing

the one in question is the back. front has been fine

sorry for all the trouble… the back is not working at all, front is on and blinking fast, yesterday was fine all where working at normal blink

Charlie, Same as Before, Right?

I would access that left rear bulb again and try removing / reinstalling the bulb and wiggling it around. Be sure to check the socket for any corrosion, dirt, manure, mouse fur or belly button lint, etcetera. It is possible to get a defective new bulb, too. Before buttoning it back up, keep trying it to see if it’s working. I would go this route before I tore into anything else.

I think your replacement bulb was defective. I had the same thing happen last summer on my Chevrolet Uplander. I replaced the left front bulb(I had to really study the owner’s manual to figure out how to replace the bulb). The new bulb lasted one day and then failed. The bulb came in a package of two and the second bulb was satisfactory.

Either the bulb you put in was defective and has failed, or you have a bad bulb socket, or a wiring problem, or a switch problem. I’d start with the bulb and socket.

What’s Happen’n? Charlie, Be Sure To Let Us Know What Happens!

We need to know if we’re giving a “bunch of know” or a “hunch of bull”.

well guys we gave it mine and your best, and no workeeeee. I wiggled, blown and shook wires and bulb holders and still nothing. looks like a job for my mechanic. maybe one more thing… how about a turn signal relay??? what do you think??

I’m Thinking The Relays Either Work Or Not, Not Just Right Side Works,
but what do I know?

What happens when the Emergency Fashers are activated? What lights inside and out?

You’re sure the front lights up when this thing’s blinking fast, right? The rear that you replaced stays dark, right? I’m just thinking that it would be weird if the new rear bulb did work and then the front one blew.

One way or the other, if that front one was really easy to get to, I’d replace that bulb, too! Bulbs can do strange things when the filaments break or go dangling around. You hit the bumper / fender where these lights are, with you hand, right?
One always has to pound on this type of repair.