Turn signal switch question

When I use my left hand blinker, it “ticks” faster than the right side.

All the blinker bulbs are working.

All the functions on the turn switch work such as head lights and emergency flasher.

Does the turn signal switch needs replacing?


You don’t provide any information about your vehicle, but some older vehicles have what is called a flasher unit.

This is what controls how fast the turn signals and emergency lights flash.


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My first guess is that one of the bulbs is a different wattage than it should be, or that one of the sockets has some corrosion.



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I doubt that turn signal switch is causing this trouble. From what you said about the problem it would seem that the left side turn signals have a lower resistance (making the lights blink faster than normal) than the right side. @texases makes a good point about possibly having a bulb with the incorrect wattage installed. As a test, you could try removing both of the rear lights and then see how the blinkers react to that. If there is no change then do the same with the front lights.

I have a 2009 Mazda Cx-7.

Both brake light bulbs were bad in kids car. Hi mount light worked though. Seemed odd to lose 2 at same time. Turn lights worked ok.

I cleaned the contacts of all the bulbs. Problem went away.

Thanks to all for your help.



You were low on blinker fluid. I bet.


Some blinkers use a thermally operated gadget, heats up, temperature rise due to current flow causes the light switch to turn off, temperature then falls, switch turns back on again, etc etc. Sort of a thermal oscillator. If there’s higher than normal resistance anywhere in the circuit it will still oscillate on and off, but slower.

Glad you got the trouble solved. Good job and thanks for the feedback on the fix.

Thanks. I had bought a replacement signal switch, but sent it back for a refund.

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