Fast Turn Signals

Hi everyone! I have a 1998 or 1997 Honda Accord and just noticed the other day that my left turn signal was blinking faster than normal. Now I know that this would denote a burnt lightbulb but I got out of my car to see if one wasn’t working on my left side. All of my lights seem to be “on” but the left side turn signals are flashing faster than normal. Please let me know of your ideas about what’s happening. ** Also I did hit a speed bump at app. 40 mph the other day on accident if this will help anyone formulate ideas

You checked the turn signal bulbs on both the front and back, right? If so, and both seem to be working but just blinking faster than normal, it’s either that one of the bulb’s circuits has developed a higher resistance or the blinker-relay is on the fritz. Remove and replace both bulbs, see if that helps. And while doing so, carefully inspect the bulb sockets and contacts for any signs of corrosion. If that doesn’t work, replace both bulbs with new ones. Still a no-go? Bring in an expert, you probably have a problem with the blinker relay. On some cars it is simple thing to replace, on others not so much.

Thank you so much! I will definitely try that! Any other suggestions?

It could be a possibility that you “think” all the turn signal lamps are working when there could still be one out. Watch the right side flash for a while and make sure you haven’t missed a corner lamp bulb.

If all bulbs are working, clean the blinker bulb contacts and reinstall the bulbs. I usually just rub the bulb contacts on my jeans and it makes them shiny again. My Camry does this but the bulbs work. Fixes it for a couple years and I have to do it again.