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Left turn signal

If left turn signal goes faster than normal, does this mean the bulb needs to be changed or it’s an electrical problem?

check the ground on the bulb. If the circuit is drawing excessive amps, due to high resistance, it will cause the blinker to heat faster, and thus blink faster. or something like that, obviously I’m not an electrician, but that is the way it was explained to me.

that makes sense…so would changing the bulb help or should i take it in to get the electrical checked out?

sometimes a bulb will have some corrosion on the terminal, so check that by pulling the plug and looking at the terminal and the socket. You can buy a multimeter (with instruction booklet) for about 10 bucks at most parts stores, so you can check the socket terminal for high resistance. Spend a few bucks for the Haynes Repair Manual while you are at it, it will save you a lot in the long run if you read it through.

Flashing faster than normal means that one (or more) of the bulbs isn’t lighting.

If it’s burned out, replace it. If it’s not lighting because the circuit is interrupted because of a bad ground or other connection, changing the bulb is pointless.

is the turn signal more than one bulb? I plan to check the bulb this evening. Honda told me my left signal needs to be fixed but they did not tell me why? since the price was $26 (including parts and labor) I assumed it must be a bulb. If it was a bad ground or connection, it would cost more to fix, no? If it’s a burnt bulb, would I even get a signal? They told me car was running fine but came up with over $2000 worth of suggestions for repairs…not sure if they thought woman=sucker;)

You have at least one bulb in the front and at least one in the back. Some cars have a few more, often with two in the back.

thanks for all your replies. I checked to see which left side turn signal was going fast. It turns out that the front left signal bulb was out. Just replaced it. Signal is fine now. I hope this will take care of the fast blinking!