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Leaky fuel pump?

I located the source of my fuel leak. It is coming from a small tube with a rubber plug on the end located on what I think is the fuel pump. It was found just forward of the rear passenger wheel. I had to remove a small shield to access it. Can the “plug” be replaced? Can I pull it from a junkyard?

I believe you are speaking of the evaporative emission system plumbing. If so you shouldn’t cap any vents. When filling your tank to you “top off” to the next dollar? I am not familiar with any other posts concerning this issue here, so…

I will post my findings, hoping to help others. What happened was the fuel drain cap failed.
In this throw away society we live in I was unable to find a recpalcement part without having to buy the WHOLE fuel pump. I bought a length of fuel hose, rammed a bolt into one end, put the other on the car, and clamped it tight. I hope it holds until I can get to the junkyard to find the part.