1997 Camry with strong fuel odor around gas cap or left rear of car

Hello…I changed the gas cap on my car thinking might help. This did not change a thing. I took to i believe reliable mechanic (has worked on car several times) and was told it is bad leak from the “sending” (I think) tube. I think it is the plastic? thing that sends fuel to the fuel pump. This is cracked. The repair is going to cost a little more than $400 due to fact part has to come from toyota. Any suggestions will be appreciated, love my car but having hard time deciding whether I can afford anymore repairs on it. :)! i was wondering if part can be obtained from other than Toyota and how hard is it to fix. (…I guess that will depend :slight_smile: Thank you!!!

This sounds like he’s talking replacing the actual fuel pump, since I’m pretty sure yours is an integrated unit. The fuel “filter” is a screen mounted on the pump. Replace that, too, as it’s cheap, and he’ll be there.

You may be able to get the part somewhere else, I’m not sure. I’d have to know exactly which part he’s talking about to check. I think he means sending unit, but I can’t find it listed, except at Toyota. You can try www.rockauto.com. It (may) vary by model. The OE pump is listed at $121.

Edit: Apparently the fuel level sender is a separate unit. I can’t find it listed anywhere, though…but $400 sounds very high. Call them yourself and ask. Have your VIN handy, they’ll want it.

If the car is otherwise in good shape the $400 is worth it. If it’s getting tired, worn out, and your budget can support it, it may be time to move on. You refer to other repairs, but without details it’s hard to draw any conclusions.

I’m curious, exactly what did he write on the shop order? Next to your gas cap is a tube that allows fumes from the tank when you’re filling it to go to the recovery system. It also is a part of the nozzle’s automatic shutoff system.

See the attached for a picture of it.

Since the smell is coming from by the fill hole, I’m wondering of that’s what’s broke.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I am still mulling this over. I looked at the part you are talking about (same moutainbike) and it may well be that. It does seem the smell is around mostly the gas tank. The mechanic checking it out said there was a pin-hole leak (my husband just told me) and said it streams out just under the back passenger seat when car idles.
Yes the mechanic said it can only be bought at toyota explanation of the price…anyway I think he was probly refering to the sending unit. I didnt get a ticket from him, he didnt make one out, just verbal estimate. The work I’ve had done is mostly maintenance type…thanks for the discussion I appreciate. Also will have look at the rockauto website.

I was unable to find deawings for a Camry, but these are for a Scion tC and should be very similar.

If it’s coming from under the seat than it’s probably the Fuel Tank Main Tube subassembly or the Fuel Tank Breather Tube (see below drawings). If it’s coming from around the gas cap I’d look to the EVAP system. But it sounds like the mechanic has already found the source. The drawing should help you to understand, however.