Fuel Pump in 92 Plymouth Grand Voyager


My van isn’t getting enough gas to stay cranked - so we think the fuel pump is shot. Dumb question: where exactly is it located - and how hard will it be to fix? Would it be better to just have it towed to the shop instead of trying “DIY” repair?

Thanks so much.


the fuel pump is an electric unit located inside the gas tank. You need to remove the tank from the car to get to it.


That’s what I thought but wasn’t sure about it. Thanks so much for the quick reply.


What went unmentioned in the previous answer was that even if you could safely drain the tank, a fuel pump replacement is dangerous. It requires knocking out a locking ring. This has to be done by someone trained to do it right, or any sparks created can (and will) ignite fuel vapors trapped in the tank, causing a powerful flash, and possibly a sustained fire, or if the vapor concentrations are strong enough, an explosion.

Leave this one to the shop.