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Fuel pump

I have a 1995 F150 which has 2 gas tanks. The front tank fuel pump went out so I went to Ford and bought a new fuel pump, also a wiring harness for it the Ford said I had to get and a new fuel filter. I had my local mechanic install it and it works great but when I attempt to put gas in it he pump at the gas station keeps clicking off because for some reason the vent must be plugged. How is it possible to plug the vent by putting a new fuel pump in.Any suggestions you could offer would be appreciated.

well they had to drop the tank to replace the pump. maybe the vent hose got messed up during that process. look under the truck by the front tank fill. there sould be a smaller vent hose next to the filler hose. see if its twisted or kinked. you could probably remove the hose to check it.

Theres always a possibility that the vent hose was forgotten when the gas tank was being installed back into the vehicle after replacing the pump. The vent hose is attached to filler neck hose and either clips to a spot on the body or has a strap that bolts to the frame. Now when they went to install the gas tank they may have forgotten to pay notice to the vent hose seeing how its not a major item but in turn it is. So when tightening back up the tank they may have pinched it between the gas tank and the frame rail. I suggest crawling under your truck, locating the filler neck hose and try to chase down the vent hose and see where its at.