2003 Toyota Camry - Keyless Entry Dead

My door locks work with door switch in side the yard but my remote will not lock or unlock my doors. I replaced rf receiver, still won’t open or lock the doors. please help a 100% viet nam vet. Thanks

What do you mean by in side the yard?

You replaced the rf receiver? The one in the car? Or the remote you carry? Is the battery ok in the remote? Does your second remote work at all?

Thanks for your service, by the way.

Are you sure the remote is working like it should? Since you replaced the receiver you may need to program it. Make sure power is getting to the receiver.

I expect that’s a typo, should be inside the car. Good ideas above, seems like its most likely a problem with the remote control unit or its synch to the car’s receiver unit. Those have to electronically match up otherwise it would be easy for someone to steal the car.

If you replaced the battery already and paired the new RF receiver properly, there is likely a problem with the remote. One of the remotes for our oldest car has a contact between the switch board and transceiver board that broke. If that is the case, you can resolder it.