Dead Keyless entry Lumina



The keyless entry to my 98 Lumina just stopped working. I changed the battery to no avail. How can I determine the cause of the problem. I do not want to buy a new remote just to find out that was not the problem. Could it be a fuse? Where is the keyless receiver in the car? Thanks, Dave


I think this is a problem for a dealer. They have the special equipment to program the remotes.

How do you start the car if the key fob thingi stopped working?


Do you have two remotes or just one. If one I would start by purchasing a another on ebay. I found one delivered for $9 for a 2004 Subaru WRX.


Thank you. Doesn’t the dealer have to program it?

You should check your owner's manual and if you don't have one (shame on you) then the dealer, and find out if you need to re-program or sync the remote after a battery change.  I believe most cars require it.


It all depends on car. My remote came with directions included for the $9 which outlined a procedure also in my owners manual. It was not easy as you had to follow directions to a tee which included turn on/off ignition 10 times in 30 seconds and then open/close door twice, clicking two remote buttons X times and then open door. They did recommend using dealer in manual.


Bring your remote to a locksmith. We can determine if the remote is outputting a signal, be it RF or IR… Sometimes the thing needs to be RE-SYNCHED.

To ReSynch:

Standing close to car, hold BOTH the lock AND unlock buttons for at least 7 seconds… you shoudl hear the locks cycle when re-synched successfully.

Remotes will appear to go dead, when someone plays with the buttons when out of range of the car. Many go buy new remotes, because they went to EBAY or a Battery Store, before going to their expert… the LOCKSMITH.

Good Luck !

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