Keyless entrry/ & bad stereo wiring

We recently got an '01 Tahoe, and it didn;t come with keyfob so I ordered one online. I’ve tried programming it, but it won’t work. Before I go sending it back, I wanted to check the fuse and/or module, but can’t seem to figure out where they’re located, or if it would even be the issue?
The people that had it before us had amp & all that hooked up…Whenever you turn on the (stereo) power, change station, or if stereo is on when you open the door, it makes a quick, loud, staticky noise in the speakers (very annoying) We’re pretty sure it’s bad wiring somewhere, but wouldn’t begin to know where to start, stereo systems aren’t really our thing. But we noticed under the hood on the right side there was a wire that had been spliced/taped, and it was melted in a spot. Idk if it’s related tho…any help would be great!

Aftermarket wiring can be problamatic, if it was a home DIY job done by folks with limited knowledge of car wiring they could have roached a number of things. Maybe keyless entry?

These instructions may help in programming,

But I would not have much hope with a 17 year old vehicle with a possible hack wiring job.

Best of luck

That’s the website I used when I tried to program it. The locks did the cycle thing when I released the unlock button, but nothing when I pressed the buttons on fob.
Yes, whoever installed the stuff was a DIY’r & did a crappy job. I’m wanting to check the keyless entry system but Idk where its at, which was one of my questions lol. In my explorer it was under panel in very back, but no such luck in this.

How could you program the new key yourself? Don’t you need a dealership shop to do that for you? Otherwise folks would just order up a key an use it to steal any Tahoe they wanted. What am I missing?

I ordered a key fob, j just the little thing that locks/unlocks doors. But I’m having trouble programming it to my car. Idk if its the keyfob or my car.