Program Keyless Remote

I have a 2001 Chevy Venture and I purchased a new keyless remote…following the programing instuctions and does not work???

Anyone have any Idea’s???

Need Help

Thanks Chris

Did you purchase it from a Chevy Dealer? Or is this a Chinese made one you bought on e-Bay…

I had some trouble the first time I attempted programming with a different car brand. You have to follow the directions very carefully. I was doing something just a bit out of order, such as opening the door.

To start over I suggest you start and then turn off the motor with the door closed. Pull out the key and wait about 1 min. then try the process again. In the step where it says open a door, leave the door open when you go to the next step.

After several attempts you might have incorrect instructions. You also need to make sure the battery in the key fob is good. If you get too frustrated you can go to a locksmith and see if they can program it successfully for you.

not from dealer from internet site seem to be good support…just does not work!