Want to fix Anti-theft system!

We just got an 01 Tahoe, & it didn’t come with key fob (just the remote to lock & unlock) so I ordered 2 replacements. I tried to program them, & the car did the whole lock cycle thing, but the fobs did nothing. We’ve changed batteries, & had them checked at Oriellys, they were working fine. There is a security light in dash that flashes all the time also.
My husband pulled out the stereo (we’re getting a new one) & we found the anti-theft receiver behind dash panel above steering column. He unplugged it so we could see the numbers on it (15732806) I cross checked that number with the replacement remotes I got & the # for those were 15042968. I’ve tried looking for replacement with the right # but can’t seem to find one.
I also looked under the dash to try & spot the module, all I could see was model # (pic below)I looked that number up & got results for a Bulldog securities or something.
I’ m not sure what I need to do to get it all to work, or if either of those are the factory parts. I lookedin glove box at code list & the AUO is there
How can I find out what’s what, & if the receiver is good or if its just the connector or what? I’ve never had trouble like this & idk enough about them to know what to do. Help! I really would like to be able to use a remote!

The picture you mentioned didn’t show up

What is this “AUO” code you’re referring to?

For that matter, what is this “code list” you’re referring to

Bulldog securities . . . sounds like some aftermarket part. That might in fact be part of the problem.

Your truck has a factory anti-theft system. There’s absolutely no reason for an aftermarket system on top of that.

AUO is an Rpo code. There’s a sticker on inside of glove box with a list of the specs of your vehicle. AUO is for “Lock control, remote entry”.
I know it has a factory anti-theft system, but idk enough about it to tell if it even works or what’s wrong with it, or even what parts are factory & which are aftermarket. The previous owner did quite a few things to this car.

That is a key fob.


My question is?

Who would want to steal a 2001 Chevy Tahoe? And why?


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That is a fob

That’s what the fob you have does, lock and unlock the doors

A lot of vehicles have that from the factory, that’s just to make thieves think the car has an alarm

The RPO code for an anti-theft alarm is UTP
The RPO code AU0 is Lock control, Remote keyless entry, and remote hatch control


If your car has an alarm, it’s not factory, you’ll need to find out the brand and model and get the remote to it.

Is the part # for the keyless entry reciever

Is the correct remote/transmitter for the keyless entry receiver that you have

Well as far as the alarm, we have one. If windows are down & we unlock from inside, it will go off & we have to put key in ignition & turn it on. Another time my husband unlocked it from passenger side w/ key, opened door & hit unlock, it went off. I’d have to look at the list again to see for sure whether it has UTP code or not, but I’m pretty sure it does, considering ^^^^^

Sounds like it’s working just like it’s supposed to.

If you have it, and read up on the factory security system for the Tahoe- I believe it is working like it is supposed to.

I have an '00 Sierra, and this is what mine does. When the aftermarket alarm was installed, they did not deactivate the factory security, and sometimes they have conflict with each other.

That’s the one I bought, but won’t program. So I’m going to order one that actually matches the receiver # and go from there