Remote key

i have a 2002 VW Jetta. my daughter lost the remote key. will it really cost me $400+ to get a new one?

Only one remote eh?

Yep, without one already programmed, the dealer will have to program the first one. After that, you can program a spare or two using the info in the owners manual.

I don’t know if it costs that much though.

Brand NEw OEM REMOTE key ( Flip Type ), including cutting and programming is approx 295.00 each at City Lock.

Plus trip chsrge.

We can also make a spare without the remote, for additional 75.00.

You pay only ONE programming fee, so the total for one each remote and nonremote, and local trip charge would be right about 450.00.

You save 85.00 if you tow it to us. But why tow? If we do the job Car-Side, you can likely get part, if not all of the cost reimbursed by your insurance company !

We can easily decode a lock, cut the key and have you on your way.

400.00 for one key? I gotta raise my prices!

City Lock