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Remote key replacement

I have lost one of my remote key for a 2006 Acura RSX. The dealer cost is $115 for the remote and $115 to install it.

Is this my only option? Or should i just bite the bullet and pay the cost. I am a non hands on senior.


Velvet, Give These People A Call …

I am not positive they can help you. I do not work for this company. However, my son had a remote Fob break on his Chevy and a factory original with programming instructions arrived in 2 days and saved him $80 over what the dealer wanted. They were very helpful on the telephone.

Click this link to Keyless Ride:
You will see their toll-free phone number.
Also, you can follow directions on this site to see if they have what you need.

Click this -

P.S. If this gets confusing, just recruit any hands-on young person to help you. They’re up on all this electronic stuff.

You can go to ebay and buy a remote. It has to be programmed. I programmed a new one myself following instructions in the owner’s manual. You can also have your Acura dealer do it (or in the alternative go to a Honda shop as they’re cheaper and most of the electronics on your Acura is the same as a Honda).

Velvet Did You Try Keyless Ride?

It looks like your remote runs $74, including programming instructions. You can save $150 or so. The programming should be easy even for a hands-off senior. If not, they are only a free call away to walk you through it. Sometimes these same instructions are right in your car’s Owner’s Manual.

Thanks. I will check it out

Velvet, You’re Very Welcome! Thanks For Getting Back To Us. Good Luck!

Please let everbody know what happens in case somebody else has a similar situation.


Wow, have I gotten an education. I did not realize that the key also had to be programmed and is even more expensive. And that everything had to be re-programmed together. But you all sent me in the right direction.
I have not gotten the replacements in hand yet, but I have made the right decisions I am sure

I called Keyless. They were great He encouraged me to get the reconditioned remote. And since there is a money back guarantee, I decided OK. ($49 vs $79)

I thought I could just go to my hardware store for a replacement key. Whoops.
Keyless explained that the key had the programmed and I would need a locksmith, even if they sold me a key.

Keyless suggested I check with the Dealer and/or my local locksmith(who I like) on pricing. Keyless could recommend a Locksmith and I could go for the best price. I called them all.

The Dealer key cost was $100 plus installation (I didn’t ask further as I was talking to Parts
My Locksmith didn’t do cars but made a referral. $85 for key and programming it

Keyless gave me a couple of referrals. I just called one. I liked what he said

He was the one who told me that all the keys and remotes had to be reprogrammed. If I just reprogrammed one: the others would not work. And he only works on cars.
He said he would program everything including the remote from Keyless for $95
(I think I may also be able to get a Senior Discount)

I’ll let you know later how it all goes, but I have done my research and I am comfortable with my decisions.

MANY THANKS for your help


Velvet, Again, You Are Very Welcome!

We love it when people update us. That way we can fine-tune our responses. It sounds like you might be able to replace the remote and key for less than the dealer wanted for just a remote. We’ll be waiting to hear how it turns out. By the way, I believe any remotes, new or reconditioned from Keyless, come with brand new batteries installed.

Not that this helps your situation, but some cars with lost keys and remotes can cost many hundreds (thousands ?) of dollars to reprogram, particularly if all keys and remotes go missing.