Remote lost

My Honda Accord 2006 remote is lost. What are the options available to get it back?



Well, option #1 is to buy a new one, if you can’t find yours.
There is no option #2

Was your remote not attached to your keys?

My suggestion is looking on for a replacement. Hopefully programming is something you can do yourself. They were quite cheap on ebay for my Subaru & included instructions on how to program(refer to manual first though).


Do you still have a working remote or was that the only one? Sometimes that makes a big difference when programming a replacement.

My son had to replace one remote on his Chevy Impala. The dealer wanted $66 for the Remote Key Fob and another $35 to program it.

He went to this online store and got a brand new factory original for $19 and $6 shipping (took 3 days to arrive). It came with free programming instructions (which were actually already in his car’s owner’s manual). It works fine and included a new battery!

Check with the Honda dealer, get a price and see what you have to do (some can be quite expensive), and then go to Keyless Ride, online. Try following their instructions. I had questions and called them and they were very helpful.

Here is the link to click on:

Good Luck!

Thank you all for your reply. My remote was not attached to the keys. I lost it. Now I disconnected the starter kill relay circuit. I also got a new remote from the original manufacturer “Micro”. But my problem now is I couldn’t program my remote. Moreover I am not clear if I have connected the relay circuit correctly. Please help.

Are you saying that you lost the original Honda remote, or the remote to an aftermarket alarm / starter disable?