Key fob programming

How can I program the key fob for a 2004 Buick Regal (FCC ID: L2C0007T)

(I know I have to jump up and down a couple of times and wiggle my ears once, but I’ve forgotten what else there is.)


If you don’t already have one remote programmed, you have to get it programmed at a dealer due to the RF changes.

Once you have one programmed, you can program more.

Try this:

  1. Good key in switch, turn to on (run), not start. Turn off and remove key.
  2. Within 15 seconds insert new cut key and turn to on (run), not start. Security light will go on and off. Turn key to off.
  3. Done.

Sorry, I read too fast; thought that you wanted to program the key.

You can program the CAR to respond to the key fob by following the procedure in your owner’s manual.

Everything in the key fob is hard coded and cannot be changed. What you have to program is the car’s computer, so it will accept the serial number of the fob that is sent with every command. If the car’s computer doesn’t recognize the serial number, it ignores the command. Your owner’s manual should tell you how to get the computer to recognize the fob.