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I have a 1998 Corvette and about 1 year ago I replaced the car battery. Since then the key fob after about 24 hourst forgets the car. I have replaced the ket battery and done the reset process noted in the manual. To correct this you need to press the both lock and unlock buttons while pointing at the dashboard and this works only for about 24 hours. Is there a way to permently fix this ?

Why not try the full remote programing (thru the DIC) instead of the re-set procedure. Is the feature that dosn’t work the one that unlocks the car just by walking up close to the car?

I have tried the programing I think 2 or 3 times. Nothing works until I reset after 24 hours. Any clue ?

I conclude the problem exists with multiple remotes? I have replace that reviever at the right rear or the car on several occasions. Then again I had the luxury of not paying the price of a poor guess.

yest the problem is with both remotes. Are you suggesting that both remotes are bad. It woulkd be strange that both went bad at the same time as replacing the car battery.

Try A Free Phone Call.

Give the helpful folks at Keyless Ride a call if you can’t get help from their web site. Should the person you speak with not be able to help, ask to talk to somebody in technical support.

These people have been very helpful to me and have a wealth of information. I’m not affiliated in any way with them, just a happy customer who purchased OEM key fobs. They can possibly help you or tell you who can.

Click this link:


P.S. Please let us know what happens, good or bad. Thanks.

Many remotes are designed to “go to sleep” if the buttons are played with when out of car range.

Your remote may have an intermittent short, due to a crack in the circuit board, or the remote had gotten submerged in some h2-ohoh.

A local locksmith that does autos can provide OEM BRAND NEW replacements, often for similar or significantly LOWER cost than a dealer, without the inconvenience of leaving it at dealership all day, or buying off the web and HOPING throwing money at parts will cure the problem.

If near Boulder Colorado, you may drop by my service center at 2898 30th St.

You may email me for the complete programming instructions, which will have more options than the programming instructions from the web order companies. We CAN ship you a new remote, but urge you to find a local excellent locksmith… because you want such a persons number in your wallet BEFORE you have a road side emergency, in order to avoid fraudulent advertisers from the phone book.

I also steer away from the idea that both remotes are defective. We did have a remote tester as a “essential tool” at the Dealership. Most likely your remotes would initally test good, it is when your car does not respond to them that you would want to test them. I wonder if the reciever is loosing its memory of the remotes for some reason.