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KEY FOB design flaw --Chevrolet HHR

I received 2 key FOBs when I purchased my HHR in 2006 - both have now failed. The batteries are fine - the contacts are broken and do not make contact. Dealer wants $80 to replace one. What gives with this? How can I get these replaced by the manaufacturer?

Anyone else having this problem?

2006? I doubt of you can get them to replace it for free. Yes, I’m sure others are having this problem.

In my car the buttons are built into the keys. Replacement is much more expensive. $145. The membrane over the buttons wore through and when I found out the replacement cost I buttered some RTV silicone silastic over the buttons to form a new membrane.

I have had the exact same problem with my 2007, the fobs are cheaply made. To resolve it I held the contact to its original position then put superglue (if you’re good with solder, that would be better) to hold (the metal to metal contact must be there), then put the battery back in, and placed a thin piece of plastic on top and closed it back up. The pressure keeps the bracket from moving and everything in place. It’s worked for both fobs for about a year now.

Both my units for my 1994 car still work great. I’m amazed how cheap they make these things these days.

I’d try ebay for a replacement (or three) Most of these can be programmed by the user–there should be info online on how to do this.

Can’t help you with getting mfg to replace the key fobs.

Go to ebay and you can purchase key fobs for about $20 and program them yourself. The vendors supply the programming instructions. You might be able to buy a chip key with the fob built in, perhaps that will hold up better.