Key fob won't work, battery fine

So I went to get in my car this morning and the key fob wouldn’t unlock my car. None of the buttons work, I tried them all. Now someone would say ok… why don’t you just open it with the key? Well I’ll tell you why! My car was part of the ignition switch recall and when they swapped everything out at the dealership, the guys didn’t cut me a key to go with my door. So the key that starts my car is not the same one that unlocks my car. I walked up to Autozone thinking a quick battery change would do the trick. The guy tested my fob with the indicator thing they have and said “this is fine.” I explained my problem and he said he could sell me a battery, but he wouldn’t want to if that’s not the problem. So here I am asking you lovely people, what is the problem? Could it be something with the communication? In which case, what does the fob communicate with in my car? I can’t even get into my car!

Dirty contact between the battery and the fob?

The guy at Autozone opened it up and checked the connections and everything and then re-tested it and it lit up their indicator. Still won’t work on my car though.

I called the dealership that did the ignition switch and the lady said it could be a lot of things. None of which are happening with my car, but she said if the check engine light is on it won’t work (it’s worked before, but the light isn’t on now), if there’s a code, a security issue, etc. and that they wouldn’t know until they look at it.

Also said I could get a key made for my door I just need the title, registration, and ID and the addresses have to match which is no problem except they’ll probably charge me for it and they should have done that in the first place.

My local Autozone has a key fop testing unit next to the register. Free to use. Maybe yours does too.

That’s what he used and it worked fine. Still won’t open my car though.

do you have a second key fop that works? You might want to get back to the dealer and have it re-programmed.

I do have another one, but it doesn’t work. I could try to replace the battery in that one, but I believe I’ve tried that before with no luck. My problem is I’m at school 2 hours away from home. I have to go home Thursday evening for an appointment on Friday morning and I can take it into the dealer then it’s just a giant pain and I don’t like not knowing what’s wrong. Plus even if it’s an easy fix they’ll charge me $100 cuz that’s their standard fee. I’m probably just gonna have to call a locksmith Thursday to come unlock it so I can drive home and then leave it unlocked until it’s fixed. I would do it now, but I’m in an apartment and I don’t want to leave it unlocked.

you might want to google how to re-program key fobs. There are instructions for some cars, but am not sure if yours is included. You have nothing to lose to try it.

I’m confused here. You appear to be saying that they put in a new ignition cylinder with a new key but that they left the door cylinder alone instead of changing it to match. If that’s correct, why doesn’t your original key still open the door?

By the way, I would have insisted on having one key that works everything. That’s what you had before the recall and that’s what I believe you should reasonably expect after the recall.

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I will look that up kurtwm2010. Hopefully I don’t have to do anything inside the car to re-program it.

lion9car - The original keys were cut to fit the new ignition. Either that or they replaced the old keys with the new ones. All I know is I only have one key on both sets that starts my car but does not open the door. And had I known at the time that my key didn’t open the door I would have said something, but this is the first time I’ve had this problem. When I go in I’m going to insist that they don’t charge me for it because it’s not my fault. I want one key that works everything, but I don’t think I can now.

The $100 was in reference to fixing the key fob. They charge a standard fee to take a look and then if any parts are needed that $100 goes towards it and if it’s an easy fix they pocket it and call it “labor.” Such a rip off. And since they have no idea why the fob isn’t communicating they’ll definitely take that money and probably charge me even more.

Yep I have to be inside to re-program it. I will definitely try it once I get my car unlocked before taking it to the dealer. Thank you for saying that because I’d be so pissed if I took it in and that’s all they did.

Try pressing the unlock button six times in a row, Or read the instructions in your owners manual on how to replace the battery. It gives you the reprograming steps.

rather than a locksmith, take your VIN number to the dealer and have them cut a key. Should be around $25-30. That’s what I recently paid for a spare key.

I do agree with lion9car. You shouldn’t have to pay a dime and should expect working keys after they done the ignition work.

Any Chevrolet dealer should be able to help you, you don’t need to wait until you get back home.

I’ll have to find an owner’s manual online because my manual is in my car.

I’m just calling a locksmith to open my car so I can take it home. They won’t be the ones making the key for me. And I’m not giving the dealership any money to make the key, they should do it for free because they should have done it in the first place.

I’m just waiting until I get back home because I’m not familiar with any dealerships up here and if it’s something more I will need people (ie. my parents) to drive me around until it is fixed. It’s not a big deal to go home. I have to this weekend anyways. And I don’t have to drive anywhere until then so I’ll just wait.

Keyfob battery may not be the problem. The problem may be the car battery. I know that doesn’t help getting in. GM should be able to cut a key with the VIN #.

If the locksmith doesn’t drill out the lock cylinder to get the car open, then they can reset the tumblers inside the lock cylinder to match your key.

What year, make, model car is it. Someone here may be able to find an online manual for you if they have that info.

What happened to your old key(s)?

Are sure this is a transmitter problem? If the car’s battery is dead the power locks won’t operate.

New keys can sometimes be difficult to turn in an old lock, try wiggling the key up and down gently while turning.

I’ll ask the locksmith about it.

I was able to find a manual online, but there wasn’t anything in there about re-programming. I looked up how to re-program it, but you have to be inside the car.

sgtrock21 - The dealership cut my old key to fit the new ignition.

Nevada_545 - I’m not sure what the problem is. There’s no reason for my car battery to be dead. I don’t leave my lights on or anything, but it’s possible. It’s not a matter of wiggling, the key doesn’t move because it doesn’t match.