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DIY Mini car keys fob fix

Hi, i am the owner of a mini - mini paceman to be precise.
Unfortunately a few weeks ago the key fob (round part) detached from the actual key without me noticing whilst i was crossing a road; once i realised i had lost one part of my key i traced my steps back and i was lucky enough to be able to find it in the middle of the street.
Few cars had run over it but for 2 weeks after this happened all 3 lock/unlock buttons were working just fine. One by one then slowly stopped working over the course of week number 3.
Before buying a new key from mini (for £160) i was wondering if there could be a diy way to fix it.
Can you help?
many thanks in advance for your help.

replace the battery? Gradual failure is a typical electronic failure mode.

edit: battery in the fob, that is.

Is it possible to buy a used fob off Flea bay and transfer the guts of your fob to the new/used case.? I did it with a Volvo remote. Go on the Mini forums and see if it is possible for you to program a used remote.

It may be that the dealer must program a replacement key or fob. Volvo wanted $200 plus for the fob, 1 hour labor and 1 hour labor for the use of their software applicaton.

Here in the US, lock dealers are usually cheaper than the car dealers for parts and programing.

It’s been my experience that you can get the blank/unprogrammed key fob yourself (eBay, Amazon, etc.), take it to a locksmith for programming, and come out about $100 ahead. I’ll stress that it’s best to get the OEM fob for your particular car, if possible. Several of the “generic” fobs I’ve tried in the recent past have failed me rather quickly. Good luck.

I bought a couple new replacements for about $35 (maybe $70-don’t remember) from a place on line, so just do a google. But then the dealer may need to program it for a fee. Cost me $100 so who knows? Might just be better off getting one from the dealer. At any rate they are just a little circuit board and rubber buttons to make contact on the circuit board. Once the rubber buttons wear or are run over a few times they really just need to be replaced. I thought I saw some place where they have repair kits but its cheaper just to buy a new one. I think you can do better than 160 pound sterling though.

hi, many thanks indeed for your help on this. I will have a look on google and keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

hi, many thanks indeed for your help on this. I will have a look on google and keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

thanks; i would surely be worth it if i liver in the US :slight_smile: thanks for the help anyway

thanks!! i will surely check flea bay out!

yeah, i will definitely have a go at that :slight_smile: thanks for the tip