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2008 Chevrolet Corvette - Bad fobs

why would both remote fobs go bad at same time. my 2008 c6 Corvette.Had to take to dealer and was charged $362.00 to get programed and get one fob. which I think is to high.

Too late now. Perhaps a skilled locksmith might have been able to help you.
“and get one fob”. If that means you purchased a fob and now have three fobs, this cost is probably typical. Dealer prices on items of this nature are relatively high.

Because “Corvette” Very low volume production and special parts means big bucks for repairs. You don’t buy an expensive sports car and expect cheap service.

Ask 'em what a new clutch costs to install.

You can find the OEM Corvette key fobs online and get significant savings. Here’s a parts listing page showing key fob options based on your model. You can narrow down the options by entering your VIN on the page. Hope this helps anyone looking for genuine OEM GM/Corvette key fobs.

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Not totally unexpected if they both had the original 11 year old batteries. Another idea, there’s a problem with the circuit or its antenna the fobs communicate with. A problematic car battery could cause this too.