Key FOB for Toyota Solara 2004 stopped working

Both of my FOBs stopped working. I replaced both batteries and they still don’t work. Dealer says I have to replace the FOBs, but why would both stop working at the same time. I thought it might either be a programming problem or a sensor problem. Has anyone dealt with this problem

I would guess a programming problem, but that’s spitballing since we don’t have much to go on.

I just bought a new key fob for my 2008 HHR at Autozone. The great thing was that it came with the programming plug for the OBDII. The greater thing I suppose was it only cost $60. If you had the programming plug…you could program both of your fobs if that’s the problem. I can now reprogram my remote at anytime without having to go to the dealer if it ever fails to operate. The device will allow you to program up to 4 remotes at a time.